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Greatest Hits

Join us at the Taste of Chicago, June 28 2010

Special Musicians united with children, teen and musicians of all ages and abilities, will perform on Monday June 28th, 12:30 PM at the Taste of Chicago. We will perform music from our Greatest Hits CD as well as welcome three new musical guests and two coaches for SMSP: Singer /Guitarist Donna, SMSP Choral Director Marrissa and Sunday from Nigeria.

Chicago Folk and Roots Festival, July 10 2010

Special Music by Special People will perform at the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival on July 10 at 5:30 PM. We'll be at the stage at Western, Lincoln and Sunnyside.

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Presenting our Greatest Hits CD

We're proud to announce the availability of our Greatest Hits CD. The latest release from Special Music by Special People features not only the best of our three previous releases, but also four exciting new tracks including our latest hit "What You Really Want in Life".

You can purchase our music at CD Baby or the iTunes Music Store. Special Music by Special People - Greatest Hits

Special Music by Special People is an inclusive music program featuring people with developmental disabilities (such as Down syndrome). Our releases feature compositions and performances by the Special Musicians with help from Program Director Joe Yost and other professional and student musicians.

The sale of our CDs are the primary means of support for the non-profit agency Special Music by Special People, Inc.

Greg Makol has created a video slideshow of our 2006 tour, featuring music from our Greatest Hits CD. You can view it here.

Special Music by Special People allows children and adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to record, compose, and perform their own music. Through this process skills such as verbal, mnemonic, musical, and social are nurtured in an atmosphere emphasizing self-esteem, teamwork, accomplishment, and fun. And beyond wonderful fun, our projects instrinsically include lessons in inclusion and diversity, helping us better understand and appreciate others who are disabled.

Please visit our news pages for the latest information.

Email program director Joe Yost: emeryyost (at) yahoo (dot) com