Special Music by Special People
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Chicago Tribune photo by Molly Winkelman

Move over, Barry Manilow. A group of special North Side composers is now writing songs the whole world could sing.

The 10 artists, who range in age from 19 to 48, all have Down Syndrome. They also have a fantastic sense of rhythm, music, and spirit.

Chicago Sun-Times, March 1994

These people are really beautiful. They just have a special soul about them.

Gary Yerkins of the Insiders, Lerner News, March 1995

Chicago Tribune photo by Molly Winkelman

Just a quick "atta boy" for the wonderful work you do. I'm in Muncie, Indiana and just saw you and your program on "People to People" (WGN). I was moved tremendously. Your work and your heart are an inspiration to me and others around you. I have never worked with mentally challenged people before, but after watching you and these beautiful people who sang, I am sure going to keep my eyes open and maybe even search out an opportunity!

I know that as work is done like this, it can sometimes be overwhelming and occasionally discouraging, but I also know the love and appreciation in the hearts of those who you help. They seemed literally full of it when they spoke of you and what you do for them!

Keep up the wonderful things you're doing, keep moving forward, and I will sincerely pray this week that God will bless you and these that you work with.

P.S. Of course, I will be buying a copy of the "Whats For Lunch!" CD !!!

Doug Kizer, police officer

I watched the interview in WGN this morning ... I just wanted to tell you that what you and your friends are doing is great. The world needs people with love and care for these kids. Send also my encouraging words for Kathy and Dave and the rest.

Gustavo Sosa, Caracas, Venezuela